Monday, 22 August 2011

We've moved our website!

Thanks for looking at the CrossFit Hove website, we're sorry but we've now switched over to a wordpress based site please click on this link for our new site.
Many thanks

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Individual programming

5 pullups
10 dumbbell snatches per side
15 box jump
amrap 10 minutes

Not quite the vest I would of hoped before, but as previously mentioned this months wods are scalable.
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400 75 400 75 400

Individual programming

run 400m
75 pressups
run 400m
75 kettlebell swings
run 400m

400,21 x 3

Individual programming

run 400m
21 burpees

Weight vest if necessary.

Double Tap

Individual programming

10 pullups
run 100m
amrap 8 minutes

rest 2 minutes

10 wall ball
run 100m
amrap 8 minutes

August is upon us and with that we've started AuVest, all of our wods-not the individual programming is done whilst wearing a 10 kg weight vest. It should be stressed that this is not the case for all our clients, due to scalability, and conditioning to this degree of intensity.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Primal Sense weekend

We closed this weekend to travel out to Ashdown Forest with our friends from Safe Space Gym for our first Primal Sense weekend.
The Saturday consisted of Animal stalking, Shelter building theory, lost proofing in the wilderness, fire starting techniques as well as a pool wod.
Sunday further looked at stalking techniques in the forest and the interplay of bird language in that enviroment and the need of the "predator" to be able to merge into the baseline noises of the forest.

It was a truly excellent weekend and special thanks go to Zeb Glover for sharing his woodsman skills and Mike mason for his culinary expertise.

We're planning another weekend at the end of September to further increase our outdoor skills and train in the outdoors.

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Individual programming

6 power clean and push jerk
30 double unders